Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Find an Honest and Skilled Home Handyman

The busy schedule and lifestyle of the modern people hardly allows them to keep their living environment organized. So many homeowners hire handymen to carry out their regular cleaning and maintenance work. But each homeowner finds it a daunting task to hire a skilled handyman who is also 100% reliable and honest. Once you find a trustworthy handyman, you can retain his services to carry out small household maintenance and repairs. However, you have to spend some time in choosing a skilled handyman based on his professional experience, expertise and credibility.

Decide the Service: The nature, type and cost of home handymen services vary from one individual to another. Some handymen carry out all types of minor home renovation projects, whereas others specialize in a specific trade. For instance, you have to hire a carpentry handyman to perform a specialized work. So you must decide the nature and type of services needed for your project, before checking the local handyman services. Once you decide the nature of your home renovation project, it will be easier for you to choose and hire the right professional.

Hire Handymen through Companies: A simple web search will get you a comprehensive list of handymen offering services in your area. Some handymen work in an informal and independent way, whereas others run their professional setup as a small business. At the same time, you can also find many companies offering a wide variety of handymen services. In comparison to the independent and local handymen, a company can provide your quality and reliable home handyman services. So you must prefer the handyman service companies to the independent professionals and small businesses.

Consult Your Friends and Neighbors: Nowadays, many people retain services of a skilled handyman. So you can find many of your friends and neighbors who have hired such professionals. As these people have already availed the home renovation services, they can easily vouch for their quality. Based on their feedback and recommendation, you can hire the right handyman for your project. The recommendation of your friend and neighbor will further help you in getting quality home handyman services at affordable prices.

Check the Credibility of the Handyman: In certain states, professional handymen are required to carry a contractor's license. If the handyman has obtained a carry a contractor's license, he is honest as well as reliable. However, the handymen provided by certain companies are often licenses, insured and bonded. So these handymen can carry out the home renovation work, without causing you any financial damage. You can simply check the company website to determine the reliability of the handymen deployed by it. Many companies also hire a handyman after thorough screening with an intention to optimize their customer satisfaction.

It is also a good idea to shortlist a number of handymen before hiring a particular professional. You can interview each of these shortlisted professionals to complete your home renovation project by availing the best service.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Simple Green Decors to Make Your Bathroom Stylish and Fresh

Most people explore green home renovation options to save energy. Along with reducing your monthly energy bills, some simple green decoration ideas can further contribute towards controlling environmental pollution and global warming. In comparison to other parts of the house, you can always save more energy by renovating your bathroom. You can hire quality bathroom remodeling services to completely change the look and feel of the bathroom by installing energy-efficient fixtures and fittings. At the same time, you can also consider some simple decoration ideas to make your bathroom stylish, elegant, clean and green.
You save many trees by not using the cups and pots made of paper. The paper cups and pots placed inside your bathroom can be replaced with metal or bamboo cups. It is also a good idea to buy the recycled toilet papers to save the environment. When you place the metal cups on a counter top, the area will look different and stylish. Also, you can add a plant of your choice to the metal pot. The appeal of your bathroom can be further enhanced by adding locally handcrafted vase and arranging branches collected from your own garden.

Similar to the paper pots and cups, you also have to replace the paper towels with durable and organic towels. While browsing through the organic towel designs, you must not forget to check the organic toilet seats covers and bathroom rugs. Many stores offer these organic products to suit the demand of environment-friendly customers. You can also consider buying new bamboo trash cans for the bathroom.

Your old shower curtain can be replaced with the curtain made of natural fiber. However, you must ensure that the fabric is not made of vinyl PVC and nylon. Some of the items made of organic cotton or hemp are effective in resisting mildew. So these curtains will make the room stylish along with keeping the environment clean and healthy.

If the bathroom is being used by your guests, you can consider investing in a piece of art. Along with the paintings and sculptures made by local artists, you can also choose the stylish silkscreen and textile. The painting or photograph must be framed in wood to complement the green décor and environment of your bathroom.

In addition to implementing these cost-effective and green bathroom decors, you can also consider using eco-friendly cleaners to maintain the look of the bathroom without using any harmful chemicals. It is also a good idea to make the bathroom cleaner at your home by using liquid detergent, baking soda and vegetable glycerin.

Simple DIY Remedies to Clean Water Stains from Your Windows

You can always maintain the look and appeal of your windows through some simple cleaning techniques. But the windows must be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis to appear both clean and clear. Often the stains caused by hard water make the windows unclean and dingy, while blocking the natural light out. As the hard water contains magnesium, calcium, lime, iron and other minerals, you may find it difficult to remove the water stains. However, you can consider some simple DIY techniques to clean the windows using home-made remedies.

Rubbing Alcohol: The mild water stains from windows can be removed using rubbing alcohol. You can make a simple window cleaning solution by mixing one part of rubbing alcohol and one part of water in a bowl, Dip a clean sponge in the solution, and wipe it over the water stains. After removing the water stains completely, you can simply wash to windows with clean water.

Baking Soda: Baking soda can also be an effective cleaning agent to remove water stains. However, you have to make a paste by combing water and baking soda. Simply dip a clean sponge into the solution, and rub it over the stains. Keep repeating the process till the window becomes completely clean. After cleaning the window, rinse it with clean water.

Lime Juice: Similar to the white vinegar, lime juice can also be used to remove the water stains. However, the lime juice must be applied independently to remove the stains. You can simply squeeze the fresh lemon juice onto a clean towel, and wipe the towel over the water stains. The wiping process needs to be continued till the stains become clean.

Toothpaste: Along with other stains, toothpaste is also very much effective in cleaning water spots. You can use one teaspoon of your toothpaste onto a paper towel and add a little amount of water. Rub the mixture gently onto the water stains till the window becomes clean. After cleaning the window, you must rinse the window glass thoroughly using a wet sponge or squeegee. The squeegee will make it easier for you to remove the excess toothpaste and water from the windows.

If you are not able to completely remove the water stains from your windows, it is advisable to hire professional window cleaning service without causing any delay. The professionals will use efficient tools and solutions to make the windows clean and clear.

Friday, March 1, 2013

How to Make Your Own Window Washing Solution

The windows must be cleaned on a regular basis to enhance the style and décor of your home. You also have options to clean your windows regularly through a number of ways. Along with hiring a professional window cleaning service provider, you can also consider some DIY methods to keep the windows streak-free.

You also have options to choose from a variety of window washing products available in the market. But most of these products are expensive, and also use chemical ingredients. So you must consider making your own window washing solution to save money. The solution can also be prepared easily by using a set of ingredients available at your home.

Making All-Purpose WindowCleaning Solution
You can make a homemade windowcleaning solutions by using simple ingredients like ½ cup of ammonia, 2 cups of 70 percent rubbing alcohol, and 1 teaspoon of dish soap.
  1.  Clean a milk jug properly by rinsing and allowing it to dry completely by keeping upside down. Once the milk jug is dry, pour two cups of 70 percent rubbing alcohol into the pot. Then, add one teaspoon of dish water followed by ½ cup of ammonia.
  2. After adding these ingredients, fill the jug completely with water. Replace the lid and shake the jug properly. Now the window washing solution is ready for use.
  3. Transfer the solution into a spray bottle, spray it onto the windows. Now use coffee filters or newspaper to wipe the windows down. After cleaning the windows, you must allow it to dry completely.
Making Solutions for Specific Purposes

There are also chances that you may be required to make homemade window cleaning solutions to clean the lightly soiled or very dirty windows. For cleaning these windows, you can consider making a solution using ½ gallon of water and five tablespoons of borax. However, you can also choose specific materials by keeping in mind the nature of the dirt.
  1. If the window is very dirty, you can make and use a homemade cleaning solution using 2 cups rubbing alcohol, ½ cup of sudsy ammonia, ½ teaspoon of dish soap, and one gallon of water. After adding these ingredients onto a spray bottle, you have to mix these properly by shaking the bottle properly before cleaning the widows.
  2. If the window is lightly soiled you can clean it with a homemade solution made using one gallon of warm water and ¼ cup of vinegar. The solution may look simple, but the cleaner will be very much effective in making the windows look as new.
As these window washing solutions are made using easily available material, you can use the homemade cleaners without causing any harm to the environment. But you must remember certain precautionary measures while handling and mixing these materials. You must wear a mask to avoid inhalation while mixing these chemicals.