Friday, March 8, 2013

Simple Green Decors to Make Your Bathroom Stylish and Fresh

Most people explore green home renovation options to save energy. Along with reducing your monthly energy bills, some simple green decoration ideas can further contribute towards controlling environmental pollution and global warming. In comparison to other parts of the house, you can always save more energy by renovating your bathroom. You can hire quality bathroom remodeling services to completely change the look and feel of the bathroom by installing energy-efficient fixtures and fittings. At the same time, you can also consider some simple decoration ideas to make your bathroom stylish, elegant, clean and green.
You save many trees by not using the cups and pots made of paper. The paper cups and pots placed inside your bathroom can be replaced with metal or bamboo cups. It is also a good idea to buy the recycled toilet papers to save the environment. When you place the metal cups on a counter top, the area will look different and stylish. Also, you can add a plant of your choice to the metal pot. The appeal of your bathroom can be further enhanced by adding locally handcrafted vase and arranging branches collected from your own garden.

Similar to the paper pots and cups, you also have to replace the paper towels with durable and organic towels. While browsing through the organic towel designs, you must not forget to check the organic toilet seats covers and bathroom rugs. Many stores offer these organic products to suit the demand of environment-friendly customers. You can also consider buying new bamboo trash cans for the bathroom.

Your old shower curtain can be replaced with the curtain made of natural fiber. However, you must ensure that the fabric is not made of vinyl PVC and nylon. Some of the items made of organic cotton or hemp are effective in resisting mildew. So these curtains will make the room stylish along with keeping the environment clean and healthy.

If the bathroom is being used by your guests, you can consider investing in a piece of art. Along with the paintings and sculptures made by local artists, you can also choose the stylish silkscreen and textile. The painting or photograph must be framed in wood to complement the green d├ęcor and environment of your bathroom.

In addition to implementing these cost-effective and green bathroom decors, you can also consider using eco-friendly cleaners to maintain the look of the bathroom without using any harmful chemicals. It is also a good idea to make the bathroom cleaner at your home by using liquid detergent, baking soda and vegetable glycerin.