Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to Make and Use a Comprehensive Home Cleaning Schedule

Every person wants to keep his living space clean, comfortable and healthy. But the packed schedules of the modern people hardly allow them to clean their homes on a regular basis. Many working couples even hire professional house cleaning service to keep their houses clean without putting any time and efforts. However, you can always clean your home easily by making and using a comprehensive home cleaning schedule. In addition to saving your time, the personalized home cleaning schedule will further help you in tracking and tackling the pending chores.

List Down the Home Cleaning Tasks: You can simply list down the cleaning tasks required for your home without considering their significance and frequency. It is a good idea to make the list by thinking the cleaning tasks that your family members have to handle each week. The tasks can also be listed down individually for each room. Along with the recurring house cleaning tasks, the list also need to include the large chores that have to be performed at regular intervals. The list will become more relevant, if you gather information from your partner and kids. However, you must remember that the list will vary from one month to another. So you have to prepare a fresh list for each month.

Decide the Frequency of Each Home Cleaning Task: After finalizing the list of home cleaning tasks, you have to decide how often each task has to be performed. Some activities like cleaning floors, washing dishes and removing clutter from the living areas must be done on a daily basis. At the same time, tasks like scrubbing the bathroom, cleaning the toilet and cleaning refrigerator have to be performed at regular intervals. Also, you need to consider the amount of time required for each activity. The cleaning tasks requiring more time can be scheduled during weekends, whereas the recurring cleaning tasks must be carried out by your family on a daily basis. 

Keep the Schedule Handy: Many homeowners spend time in preparing house cleaning schedules, but they often forget to refer to and follow the schedule. So you must keep the home cleaning schedule handy to make it easier for your family to use it regularly. The schedule can be easily prepared using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel. But you may not remember to read the soft copy of the home cleaning schedule on a daily basis. As the schedule must be used on a daily basis, you must get a print out copy of the list and keep it handy. Once you complete a task, it can be removed by crossing off. On the other hand, the pending chores must be monitored regularly to decide if you need to hire professional home cleaners.

If you are planning to hire house cleaning service, the personalized house cleaning schedule can be shared with the service providers to receive quotes. The information will further help the company in deciding the nature and type of home cleaning services required by your family on a regular basis.

Low Cost Finishing Ideas to Complement Your Renovated Basement

You can always consider remodeling your basement to convert the unused portion of your home into a comfortable living space. Based on your choice, you can change the look and feel of your basement, and use the new living space as a media room, home office, or guest bed room. Along with implementing some DIY home renovation techniques, you also have options to hire professional basement remodeling services.
However, the basement must be finished properly to make the living space more comfortable and healthy. Often the moisture can cause damage to the furniture and equipments, while making the environment unhealthy. So you must seal the basement properly to prevent leaking and moisture. At the same time, you must consider a number of simple and inexpensive basement finishing ideas to make the area stylish, comfortable and healthy.

Install Drywall: Irrespective of the type your basement wall, you can always consider installing drywall. Instead of building complete wall frames, you can install drywall to make your basement walls stylish without investing a lot of money. The drywall can be installed on both concrete and stone after using a strong liquid adhesive. The adhesive will attach the strips of wood to the basement walls, and then you can screw the drywall onto the wood. Once the adhesive becomes dry, you can complete the finishing by using drywall mud or drywall tape. It is also a good idea to make the drywall stylish by rolling a coat of paint. However, you must install the drywall by making space for electrical panes, pipes and utility gauges.

Apply Paint: A fresh coat of paint can completely change the look and feel of your basement. Also, you can choose the paint to make the living space identical to other parts of your home. But you must take some time in choosing the right color for the basement floor and walls. If your basement has a concrete block foundation, you can choose from a variety of concrete paints available in the market. A combination of multiple colors will make the floor stylish and look like it is made of marble. Similarly, the sponge painting technique can be used to make the wall look like having stucco on them. But you must remember to use a couple of primer coats and allow the paint to dry properly.

Put Indoor or Outdoor Carpeting: If you decide to finish your basement by putting indoor or outdoor carpeting, it will require you to invest some money. But the carpeting will make the extended living space more comfortable. Also, you have options to choose from several low cost carpets. Before installing the carpets, you must lay down a layer of inexpensive carpet padding. When the carpets are installed over the padding, the space will become more comfortable. The carpets can also be purchased from an online home improvement store to save your time, efforts and money.

If you are hiring a basement renovation service provider, it is advisable to ask his suggestions and ideas to suit the size, design and usage of your basement. However, you must choose the basement decoration and finishing options that do not require you to spend a lot of money.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Simple DIY Home Window Cleaning Techniques

Albemarle Window Cleaning Service
Each homeowner wants his windows to look crystal clear and streak-free. So many people prefer cleaning windows at regular intervals based on the environmental conditions of their area. If you are residing in a large building, it is a good idea to avail professional window cleaning service. But you can always clean the windows on your own, if the house is small and small. When you clean the windows for the first time, you will find the task daunting and time-consuming. However, a number of simple techniques will help you in maintaining the look of your windows without putting much time and efforts.

Use a Quality Rubber Squeezee: Based on your choice, you can choose from several window cleaning techniques. But most homeowners prefer using good quality rubber squeegee to clean their windows. After wiping the window with a sponge dampened in a window cleaning solution, the rubber squeegee blade will make it easier for you to wipe the window across. The wiping can also be followed with rinsing the window with clean water, and using a dry cloth to remove any additional moisture.

Consider Using Newspapers: Many people use paper towels to clean their windows. But the paper towels often leave lint behind. So you have to put some extra effort in removing the lint. On the other hand, you can avoid such lint by using a newspaper. The newspaper can further be easily recycled and save the cost of paper towels. However, in comparison to the rubber squeegee, the newspaper will require you to spend some more time in cleaning the windows. You can consider using newspapers when you do not have a quality rubber squeegee.

Avoid Using Commercial Window Cleaners: You can find many commercial window cleaners that can remove the stains, dust, streaks and spots from your windows effectively. But you must avoid using the commercial cleaners available in the market, and make the window cleaner on your own. It is always advisable to make your own solution by mixing some simple ingredients like about 15 ounces of water; 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol; 1/2 cup of white or apple cider vinegar; and 2 drops of any essential oils. You can combine these ingredients in a spray bottle, and apply the solution for window cleaning. Also, you have to rub alcohol on the window to keep it clean and provide protection from frost.
Professional Window Cleaners

Clean Your Window Screen: Often the look and decor of a house is impacted by dirty windows. So you must clean the window screen at regular intervals. It is also a good idea to complement the new and fresh look of your windows by putting clean screens. However, the screens must be removed before you start cleaning the window. Also, the inside and outside surface of the windows must be brushed down using a household brush to enhance the look of your windows.

It is also important to choose the right time to clean your home windows. You can always carry out the window cleaning on a cloudy day. The absence of direct sunlight will keep the windows in shade without causing streaking.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Simple Ways to Change the Look and Feel of Your Basement

Basement Remodeling by Advantage Handy
Do you use the basement of your home as a store room or shabby room to dump all your unnecessary things? Have your explored the innovative basement renovation options to convert the area into a comfortable and stylish living space? With some simple and innovative ideas, you can completely transform the entire and look and feel of the basement, and convert the area into your personal gym, bedroom or media room. However, you must concentrate on some common points to make the basement more stylish and attractive.

 Waterproof the Area: When you decide to use your basement as living space, it becomes essential to make the area waterproof. Based on the weather conditions of your area, it is also important to consider some additional ways to prevent the mildews and molds buildup. The right waterproofing option will be further effective in protecting your furniture and carpets. 

Facilitate Proper Ventilation: Proper ventilation is essential for making the renovated basement comfortable. Often improper ventilation will result in making the environment stuffy and unhealthy. As you plan to convert the basement as a room to live in, the environment must be improved through proper ventilation. Based on the design of your basement, you can consider installing class windows. These windows will provide a stylish look to the basement, while allowing adequate amount of light.

Decide the Right Color Theme: You can transform the look and environment of the basement by choosing the right color theme. The bright colors can be chosen, if the area is small or not properly ventilated. The bright colors will make the environment more relaxed and cheerful. It is also a good idea to use shades from orange, blue, red and other color options. You can even consider combining multiple colors and using shades to make your remodeled basement look fresh and modern.
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Install Right Lighting: In comparison to other parts of your home, the basement receives a much lower amount of natural light. So you must choose and arrange the right lighting to make the area usable. The low height of the room can be hidden simply by installing most of the lights on the ceiling. This arrangement of light will further create the illusion of the area being more spacious. At the same time, you can consider using mirrors to reflect and enhance the proper lighting.

It is always a good idea to renovate your basement by keeping in mind the usage of the area. Along with the DIY basement renovation options, you can also consider hiring professional basement remodeling services. However, you must start the project with the intention of converting the basement that can be used for several purposes. After changing the basic look and feel of the basement, you can decide the right furnishing and fitting to compliment your specific needs.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

How A $!00 Remodel Can Improve Your LOVE Life

It is the week of Valentine's Day so let me give you some romance advice! Spend some home improvement money on paint and some lighting in the bedroom. Add a warm color to the walls to create a room you want to be in- more then just to sleep. Add some scones above your bed to add that perfect amount of light for "special time". These are inexpensive to ad as you already (per code) have electrical outlets on the wall to tap into.