Monday, February 18, 2013

Simple Ways to Change the Look and Feel of Your Basement

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Do you use the basement of your home as a store room or shabby room to dump all your unnecessary things? Have your explored the innovative basement renovation options to convert the area into a comfortable and stylish living space? With some simple and innovative ideas, you can completely transform the entire and look and feel of the basement, and convert the area into your personal gym, bedroom or media room. However, you must concentrate on some common points to make the basement more stylish and attractive.

 Waterproof the Area: When you decide to use your basement as living space, it becomes essential to make the area waterproof. Based on the weather conditions of your area, it is also important to consider some additional ways to prevent the mildews and molds buildup. The right waterproofing option will be further effective in protecting your furniture and carpets. 

Facilitate Proper Ventilation: Proper ventilation is essential for making the renovated basement comfortable. Often improper ventilation will result in making the environment stuffy and unhealthy. As you plan to convert the basement as a room to live in, the environment must be improved through proper ventilation. Based on the design of your basement, you can consider installing class windows. These windows will provide a stylish look to the basement, while allowing adequate amount of light.

Decide the Right Color Theme: You can transform the look and environment of the basement by choosing the right color theme. The bright colors can be chosen, if the area is small or not properly ventilated. The bright colors will make the environment more relaxed and cheerful. It is also a good idea to use shades from orange, blue, red and other color options. You can even consider combining multiple colors and using shades to make your remodeled basement look fresh and modern.
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Install Right Lighting: In comparison to other parts of your home, the basement receives a much lower amount of natural light. So you must choose and arrange the right lighting to make the area usable. The low height of the room can be hidden simply by installing most of the lights on the ceiling. This arrangement of light will further create the illusion of the area being more spacious. At the same time, you can consider using mirrors to reflect and enhance the proper lighting.

It is always a good idea to renovate your basement by keeping in mind the usage of the area. Along with the DIY basement renovation options, you can also consider hiring professional basement remodeling services. However, you must start the project with the intention of converting the basement that can be used for several purposes. After changing the basic look and feel of the basement, you can decide the right furnishing and fitting to compliment your specific needs.