Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Low Cost Finishing Ideas to Complement Your Renovated Basement

You can always consider remodeling your basement to convert the unused portion of your home into a comfortable living space. Based on your choice, you can change the look and feel of your basement, and use the new living space as a media room, home office, or guest bed room. Along with implementing some DIY home renovation techniques, you also have options to hire professional basement remodeling services.
However, the basement must be finished properly to make the living space more comfortable and healthy. Often the moisture can cause damage to the furniture and equipments, while making the environment unhealthy. So you must seal the basement properly to prevent leaking and moisture. At the same time, you must consider a number of simple and inexpensive basement finishing ideas to make the area stylish, comfortable and healthy.

Install Drywall: Irrespective of the type your basement wall, you can always consider installing drywall. Instead of building complete wall frames, you can install drywall to make your basement walls stylish without investing a lot of money. The drywall can be installed on both concrete and stone after using a strong liquid adhesive. The adhesive will attach the strips of wood to the basement walls, and then you can screw the drywall onto the wood. Once the adhesive becomes dry, you can complete the finishing by using drywall mud or drywall tape. It is also a good idea to make the drywall stylish by rolling a coat of paint. However, you must install the drywall by making space for electrical panes, pipes and utility gauges.

Apply Paint: A fresh coat of paint can completely change the look and feel of your basement. Also, you can choose the paint to make the living space identical to other parts of your home. But you must take some time in choosing the right color for the basement floor and walls. If your basement has a concrete block foundation, you can choose from a variety of concrete paints available in the market. A combination of multiple colors will make the floor stylish and look like it is made of marble. Similarly, the sponge painting technique can be used to make the wall look like having stucco on them. But you must remember to use a couple of primer coats and allow the paint to dry properly.

Put Indoor or Outdoor Carpeting: If you decide to finish your basement by putting indoor or outdoor carpeting, it will require you to invest some money. But the carpeting will make the extended living space more comfortable. Also, you have options to choose from several low cost carpets. Before installing the carpets, you must lay down a layer of inexpensive carpet padding. When the carpets are installed over the padding, the space will become more comfortable. The carpets can also be purchased from an online home improvement store to save your time, efforts and money.

If you are hiring a basement renovation service provider, it is advisable to ask his suggestions and ideas to suit the size, design and usage of your basement. However, you must choose the basement decoration and finishing options that do not require you to spend a lot of money.