Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to Make and Use a Comprehensive Home Cleaning Schedule

Every person wants to keep his living space clean, comfortable and healthy. But the packed schedules of the modern people hardly allow them to clean their homes on a regular basis. Many working couples even hire professional house cleaning service to keep their houses clean without putting any time and efforts. However, you can always clean your home easily by making and using a comprehensive home cleaning schedule. In addition to saving your time, the personalized home cleaning schedule will further help you in tracking and tackling the pending chores.

List Down the Home Cleaning Tasks: You can simply list down the cleaning tasks required for your home without considering their significance and frequency. It is a good idea to make the list by thinking the cleaning tasks that your family members have to handle each week. The tasks can also be listed down individually for each room. Along with the recurring house cleaning tasks, the list also need to include the large chores that have to be performed at regular intervals. The list will become more relevant, if you gather information from your partner and kids. However, you must remember that the list will vary from one month to another. So you have to prepare a fresh list for each month.

Decide the Frequency of Each Home Cleaning Task: After finalizing the list of home cleaning tasks, you have to decide how often each task has to be performed. Some activities like cleaning floors, washing dishes and removing clutter from the living areas must be done on a daily basis. At the same time, tasks like scrubbing the bathroom, cleaning the toilet and cleaning refrigerator have to be performed at regular intervals. Also, you need to consider the amount of time required for each activity. The cleaning tasks requiring more time can be scheduled during weekends, whereas the recurring cleaning tasks must be carried out by your family on a daily basis. 

Keep the Schedule Handy: Many homeowners spend time in preparing house cleaning schedules, but they often forget to refer to and follow the schedule. So you must keep the home cleaning schedule handy to make it easier for your family to use it regularly. The schedule can be easily prepared using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel. But you may not remember to read the soft copy of the home cleaning schedule on a daily basis. As the schedule must be used on a daily basis, you must get a print out copy of the list and keep it handy. Once you complete a task, it can be removed by crossing off. On the other hand, the pending chores must be monitored regularly to decide if you need to hire professional home cleaners.

If you are planning to hire house cleaning service, the personalized house cleaning schedule can be shared with the service providers to receive quotes. The information will further help the company in deciding the nature and type of home cleaning services required by your family on a regular basis.