Monday, April 1, 2013

An Inexpensive Option to Remove Steam and Odor from Your Bathroom Environment

The packed schedules of modern people hardly allow them any time to keep their bathroom environment clean. Often the environment of your bathroom is damaged due to the foul bathroom odors, and harmful fumes generated by bathroom cleaning products.

You have a number of simple and inexpensive options to avail the benefits offered by professional bathroom remodeling services. Simply by choosing and installing a bathroom exhaust fan, you can easily vent the humidity, moisture and stale air, and keep the environment clean. However, you need to consider certain points to choose the best bathroom exhaust fan for your bathroom.

Size: Based on the size and design of your bathroom, you can choose from the large or small exhaust fans. While deciding the size of the fan, you need to ensure that it is effective in venting the bathroom air eight times per hour. The capacity of the fan is measured in terms of cubic feet per minute. As each cubic feet per minute is equivalent to one foot of bathroom space, you can easily decide the right size of the bathroom fan.

Type: You have options to choose from three basic types of bathroom fans, such as, wall mounted, ceiling mounted and inline. The inline and ceiling mounted models are installed on the bathroom ceiling, whereas the wall mounted fans are installed on the external walls. It is always important to decide the exhaust fan design by keeping in mind the design and structure of your bathroom.

Noise: Many people do not like the amount of noise generated by bathroom exhaust fans. However, the fans can be noisy or quiet based on the model chosen by you. The new bathroom fan models will cost more, but these are designed with specific features to give off less noise. Also, the smaller fans generate lesser amount of noise in comparison to the large ones. As the amount of noise generated by these fans is measured in terms of sones, you can easily choose a device that is not noisy.

Energy-Efficiency: Similar to other home appliances, some of the latest bathroom fan models are more energy efficient that the traditional ones. You can always check the Energy Star rating of each model to decide its effectiveness in saving energy. Also, you must consider specific features like a sensor or timer that allow you to turn the exhausts fan off based on the level of moisture or humidity in the area.
Once you choose the right bathroom exhaust fan model, the same can be purchased from the local as well as online stores. However, you must read the product and user reviews to choose the right bathroom fan that can be used over many years.