Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Innovative Ideas You can Use while Finishing a Basement

You can always consider remodeling the basement of your house to   avail a number of advantages. In addition to extending your living space, you can further increase the resale value of the property by renovating the basement. However, you must prepare a basement renovation strategy by concentrating on a number of important factors. It is also important to identify factors like lower ceiling, dam walls and floors that can affect the finishing of your basement. At the same time, you also need to make a basement finishing budget by taking into account the expenses required to hire electricians, plumbers and construction experts.

Opt for a Basement Finishing System

Most homeowners hire contractors to finish the basement by building furring strips or stud walls attached to the wallboard. However, you can always consider installing basement finishingsystems offered by different companies. These systems are designed with all components required to convert an unfinished basement into a comfortable and stylish living space. Along with the finished ceilings and walls, a basement finishing system also includes door installation, lighting, trim work and other electrical work.

Some of the expensive systems available in the market also comes with windows, flooring, air conditioning, ventilation and customized plumbing services. As the conventional materials used by contractors are prone to mold, mildew, warping and water damages, many homeowners invest in basement finishing systems maintain the look and feel of their basement over a longer period of time. The systems use waterproof materials that can be easily cleaned and dried.

Understand the Right Way to Carpet the Basement

The basement area of a house is cooler than its other parts. So many homeowners install carpeting to keep the finished basement area warmer during winter months. But you must remember that the carpets can be damaged due to dampness and moisture issues. Further, the basement becomes damp during humid summer months, despite not having any moisture issue. So it is always important to understand the right way to install carpeting. 

You have a number of options to prepare the basement properly for carpeting. You can consider putting a layer of polystyrene foam over the basement flooring, and top it using a layer of plywood. Further, the plywood can be secured by using concrete screws in the pre-drilled holes. Alternatively, you have option to protect the carpeting by installing water-resistant wafer board.
These boards are further connected to a layer of dimpled plastic in the form of interlocking tiles. You can simply place the interlocking tiles between the plywood and concrete to prevent seeping up of moisture from the concrete. Also, you can consider installing alternative flooring like tiles to avoid the moisture issues.

You can always consider opting for professional basement finishing service providers to optimize the look and feel of renovated basement area. Some of these companies also offer customized basement finishing service according to your needs and budget. Also, the service provider allows you to avail the services of experienced electricians, plumbers and construction experts without putting any extra effort.