Thursday, February 27, 2014

Exploring Various Wood Options for Home Furniture

Wood is the most widely used home furniture material. Nothing compares to the classic and contemporary elegance of natural wood. The smell of wood refreshes the mind; this is why wood is the favorite material for indoor and outdoor furniture. The type of wood used in the furniture largely affects the style, strength and life of the furniture. In most of the cases people are not aware of what type of wood is best for their home or what type of wood the manufacturer has used. Even if you know about the type of wood used, still you have no idea about the quality of that wood.

So, let’s have a look at the various types of wood used in home furniture by carpenters:

• Teak and Rosewood
Teak wood is a world famous wood used in furniture making. These two woods are hard woods and durable. They are used to make beds, dining tables, sofas, dressing tables, study tables, cup boards, etc. These two varieties are trusted by most of the people for making furniture. The fine grains of teak wood are a delight to the eyes.

• Sheesham
Sheesham wood is the top choice for furniture. It is a hard wood and is generally costly. Rich people prefer this wood over others. This wood does not have any stain. This wood is extremely durable, lasts long. Walnut wood and mahogany wood come close to sheesham wood.
• Aspen
Aspen is pale in color but strong. It is soft to touch and does not catch fire easily.

• Hickory
Hickory is also a very important wood due to its shock resistant property. For this reason, hickory is widely used in tool handles.

• Pine
Pine is a great option for flooring. It is light in color.

• Mango
Mango wood is an inexpensive option but it does its work finely. It is hard and gives a tough competition to the likes of teak and sheesham. Most of the furniture can be made using mango wood.

• Acacia
Acacia wood is suitable for furniture like that of palaces and classic style.

• Cedar
Cedar comes in many colors like light yellow. Cedar is anti bug and insect resistant wood. For this reason, cedar is used in shelves and cupboards.

Different types of wood have different advantages and disadvantages. Also different wood finishing give different looks on the same wood. Wood furniture is a great addition to one’s home, but frequent maintenance increases the life of your furniture and also keeps the shine of your furniture intact. Carpentry services from Advantage Handyman constructs high quality wooden furniture for your home at reasonable prices.