Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Important Points to Consider while Determining Lighting Needs of Your Kitchen

A constant increase is noted in the number of home owners who are remodeling their conventional kitchen. A homeowner can avail several advantages by remodeling his existing kitchen. In addition to optimizing the look, feel and environment of the kitchen area, the remodeling project will further contribute towards enhancing the energy-efficiency of your home. However, you have to consider some key factors while preparing the kitchen remodeling plan. Similar to other parts of your home, the kitchen also needs to well-lit.

So is also important to determine the light fixture and wattage according to the lighting requirements of the kitchen. When the kitchen received adequate light, it will be easier to prepare the food more efficiently. Also, a proper lighting system eliminates the chances of accidents caused by too dim lighting. While determining the lighting needs of your kitchen, you must consider its size, design and style, along with the amount of natural light the area receives on regular basis.

Key Points You Must Remember while Determining Kitchen Lighting

Size and Style of the Kitchen
Before evaluating the lighting needs of the kitchen, you must calculate the number of watts required to light the area properly. You have to measure the length and width of the kitchen space. The required number of watts can be calculated by length times, width times and 1.5. Based on the number of watts, you can decide the watt bulbs required to receive adequate light. Further, you can decide the number of sockets required or these light fixtures.

Theme of the Kitchen
You have options to choose from a wide variety of light fixtures for the kitchen. Some of these fixture designs are traditional, whereas others are modern and complementary. You must choose light fixtures that perfectly complement the theme of your renovated kitchen. For instance, you cannot choose contemporary light fixtures for a country kitchen. It is also a good idea to read online home decoration blogs to decide the best light fixture according to the kitchen theme.

Hanging Light Fixtures
You can always consider hanging light fixtures like chandeliers to create adequate free space inside the kitchen to allow people to walk through. But the light fixtures must be hung down at more than 7 feet from the kitchen floor. It is also a good idea to opt for a light fixture that will hang over the kitchen table. However, the width of the fixture needs to be half of the table’s width. Also, the bottom of the light fixture must remain 2 ½ feet above the table.

If you are residing in an area that does not have an electrical outlet nearby, it is advisable to choose and install the light fixture by hiring an experienced electrician. The professional service will prevent the accidents related to fire and electrical shock. However, you can easily determine the lighting needs of your kitchen and install the light fixtures by availing professional kitchen remodeling services. The kitchen remodeling service provider will further help you in deciding the best options to save energy while making the kitchen well-lit.