Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Understanding Important Aspects of Screened Porches

Despite being a traditional home-building concept, screened porches are still are still hugely popular among modern homeowners. A homeowner can avail several advantages by enclosing the porch by using screens. In addition to allowing you to view the garden and enjoy the cool breezes, the screened porch will also be effective in preventing insects. At the same time, the screened porch can also be used as a comfortable place to read, paint, sew or hang out with friends. However, a homeowner needs to understand some important points when he decides to use screen to enclose his porch.
You have to consider several factors to determine the right size of the screened porch. Along the interior décor and usage of the space, you also need to consider how many people will use the area. So you have to decide the furniture and their placement before determining the screened porch size. It is a good idea to arrange the furniture in your yard, and create wall using strings. You can simply measure the string to decide the right size of the screened porch.

You have options to pick from several designs and styles of screened porches. So you must choose the product that perfectly complements the style, décor and color of your home. As most of these porches are designed as add-ons, you can install these easily. But you have to consider wood-framed porch if the house is old. The wood-framed porch will further require some regular maintenances and cleaning. You can even consider adding a ceiling fan to the area to facilitate air movement during hot and humid days.
There are chances that the screened porches will block some amount of natural light entering into the rooms behind them. So you can consider installing artificial lighting inside the porch or add skylights to get adequate natural light. At the same time, you need to ensure that the view of your backyard is not blocked. So the walls must be kept high enough and the roof must not overhang to allow you to enjoy the trees and birds. It is also a good idea to avoid supporting the frames and beams of the screened porch.
While building the screened porch, it is important to consider options to keep it safe and secure. You can easily prevent the electrical problems by adding electrical outlets adequate to use lamps, music system or a television on the porch. The large number of outlets will further make it easier to avoid moisture related problems by not using extension cords. Similarly, it is also important to make the flooring waterproof as the roof will make its least exposed to sunlight. The screens further need to be extended till the ground, to protect the area from small bugs that can easily enter through cracks.

On the whole, you have to make a comprehensive plan to design and build a screened porch. However, you can consider availing customized Advantage HandyMan Screened Porches service to enclose your porch with screen without putting much time and effort.