Monday, January 20, 2014

What Makes High Gloss Interior Paint a Good Choice for Your Home

An interior paint job can transform your living environment within a short span of time. But you have to consider several factors to make the paint job innovative and durable. Along with deciding the best interior painting services and color, you also need to choose the right interior paint for your home. As the interior paints are available with varying finishes, you have to compare the sheen, gloss and texture of each brand of paint. Also, you can opt for high gloss paint to avail a number of benefits.

4 Distinct Benefits of High Gloss Paints

1) Greater Sheen
The luster of the surface is determined by the sheen of the paint. The ability to reflect light makes high gloss paint an effective for home interiors. The sheen and high gloss of the paint can constantly draw the attention to the surface covered using the paint. Further, the paint can be used on decorative moldings as well as on the trim around doors and windows. However, the high gloss often fails to hide the imperfections on the surface. So the surface must be prepared properly before starting the paintjob.

2) Durable
The high gloss paint is considered to be more durable than other paints. The frequently handled surfaces require a hard finish that can be provided only by dry high gloss paint. At the same time, the paint is also effective in holding up on doors, cabinets and trims. The kitchen, bathroom, entry areas and other parts of your home that take constant abuse can be covered using high gloss paint.

3) Waterproof
In addition to being durable, the high gloss paint is also waterproof. Unlike the less glossy paints, the high gloss paint does not absorb oil or dirt. Further, you can simply use a damp cloth to clean the surface covered with the paint. The effectiveness of the paint in resisting humidity, also make it the best option to cover your bathroom doors, trims and cabinets. The easy-to-clean feature of the paint also makes it suitable for covering the surfaces that are used and abused frequently.

4) Decorative
You can further use the high gloss paint as a decorative tool to avail its reflective quality. If a room receives adequate natural light, the high gloss paint will have a glassy or mirror-like appearance. It is also a good idea to combine different high gloss paints to make the surface more stylish and appealing. 

It is also a good idea to choose the high gloss paint according to the recommendation of the interior painting service provider. The consultants will help you in choosing the right interior paint with the required level of sheen and gloss.