Sunday, January 5, 2014

4 Simple Steps to Clean Your Screen Porches

You have several options to expand your existing living space. But none of these options except screen porches adds great outdoor space to your home without investing a lot of money. You can further choose from several types of screen porches according to your specific needs. Along with providing respite from hot sun and frequent thunderstorms, the screen porches will further keep the mosquitoes, bugs and pests away.

But the porch screens will be filled with dust and pollen due to constant exposure to harsh weather elements. The dust and pollen can further affect the comfortable outdoor space by causing allergy problems. So the porch screen must be cleaned regularly to keep the outdoor space comfortable. You can use a set of simple items to clean the porch screens without putting any extra effort.
Steps to Clean the Porch Screens

1) Weaken the Dust and Pollen
The dust and pollen must be removes from the porch using a vacuum. The initial vacuuming off of dust and pollen will make it easier for you to scrub the area properly. Also, you can consider using the hose attached to the vacuum to weaken the dust and pollen more effectively.

2) Scrub the Porch Screens
After vacuuming the dust and pollen off the porch, you have to prepare a washing solution by combining a bucket of warm water and one teaspoon of dish soap. Now dip a scrub brush in the bucket, and use it to scrub the porch screens lightly. You must remember that scrubbing too hard may stretch the porch screen. So you must be careful and scrub the porch screens lightly.

3) Rinse the Screens
Once you scrub the porch using the scrub brush, these needs to be rinsed by squirting water through the screens. You can squirt water through the screens by using a squirt bottle. Alternately, you can also use the garden hose to squirt water through the porch screens.

4) Prevent Mold
You have to use a pump sprayer additionally to prevent mold. Start by filling the pump with one cup of bleach and water. Now spar the washing solution from inside out without soaking the porch. However bleach is tend to stain clothing. So you must wear irrelevant or useless clothing while working with the bleach. 

Instead of the pump sprayer, you have option to use a power washer to clean the porch screen. But the washer must be positioned from the inside of the porch to outside to prevent the porch from getting soaked.