Sunday, December 29, 2013

Understanding the Most Effective Way to Apply Paint Primer

The right paint job can completely transform your living environment. The look and feel of a home can also be optimized by adding color. You also have option to hire professional exterior painting services to make your home look extraordinary. But you must remember that the paint always looks better in the can. So you have to choose and apply paint primer to make the paint look perfect on the walls.

How to Apply Paint Primer

Measure the Surface: You must consider several factors to decide the amount and type of primer. Along with measuring the square footage of surface that needs to be covered, you also need to identify the paint material. The minimum square footage of the area to be painted can be determined by measuring the length and height of the wall, and then dividing the figure by 12.

Decide the Amount of Primer: The amount of primer required for the painting project will vary according to the square footage and specific characteristics of the surface. If the surface is smooth, you will require about a gallon of primer for each 350 sq/ft. On the other hand, one gallon of primer can cover only 250 square feet of a rough textured wall. Also, you need to consider the current as well as new color. If you are planning to apply a lighter color to cover surfaces already painted with a dark color, additional layers of the primer must be applied.

Prepare the Surface: The surface or wall must be prepared properly before applying the primer. You must wash the surface thoroughly using a solution made of warm water and dish soap. Use a rag to wipe the surface thoroughly, and then allow the wall to dry completely.

Apply Primer: The primer must be applied to cover the entire surface. It is also important to apply the primer in even and long strokes. After applying the first coat of primer, you must allow over one hour to let it stand before applying the paint. You can further read the manufacturer’s directions to understand the best way to apply the paint primer.

Sand the Surface Lightly: Once the primer has dried, you have to smooth the surface out by sanding the surface lightly. The sanding will further provide a strong bonding agent to the primer. You can simply pick a fine grade of sandpaper, and rub it lightly over the primer, before applying the initial coat of paint.

As you have option to choose from a variety of paint primers, it becomes essential to pick the best primer according to your requirements and budget. Along with providing a smoother finish, a good quality paint primer will further allow the paint to bond and stick to the surface better.