Thursday, December 26, 2013

Understanding the Right Way to Rate Exterior Paints

A homeowner has to consider a number of factors to optimize the exterior painting project. In addition to deciding and buying the correct amount of paint, he also needs to ensure that the exterior paint is the most appropriate option to cover the surface. Based on your requirements and budget, you have option to choose from the hugely popular as well as smaller or regional brands of paint. So you must rate different brands of exterior paint appropriately to choose the best product for your exterior painting project without spending a lot of money.

How to Rate Exterior Paints

Evaluate the Surface
While evaluating exterior paints, you must keep in mind the surface to be painted. It is also important to pick the best paint according to the type and needs of the surface. The 100% acrylic or water-based paints are considered to be more effective in making the paintjob durable. Also, the oil based paints often deteriorate or fade due to constant exposure to sunlight. However, you still have option to choose from several types of water-based exterior paints.

Consider Price of the Paint
The quality and rating of exterior paints vary according to their prices. Normally, very good quality exterior paints cost more. But you can avoid applying additional coats of paint, while making the paintjob more durable. So you must compare the prices of different types of exterior paint, and choose the one that complements your specific needs and budget.

Check the Rating Assigned by Consumer Product Rating Organizations
The consumer product rating organizations often rate exterior paints. But these organizations often provide rating for large or popular brands of paint. You can always refer to the rating provided by these organizations to determine the quality of a specific paint. You can even refer to various online sources to gather detailed information about a particular brand of paint.

Don’t Ignore the Local or Smaller Brands of Paint
The consumer product rating organizations normally ignore the local or smaller brands of paint. But the absence of clear rating does not mean that these exterior paints are of poor quality. Along with being of good quality, the local or smaller brands of paint are also inexpensive. The local paint manufacturers often develop paints by keeping in mind the prevailing weather and climatic conditions of the area. So these paints can be effective in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home over a longer period of time.

Ask Specifically about Pigments
Regardless of your choice of exterior paint brand, it is always important to inquire about pigments. When you are inside the paint store, ask specifically about the red, blue, yellow and similar pigments that deteriorate and fade quickly due to sunlight. You also need to avoid the dark colors if you are residing in a hot and sunny climate. The paints of medium or lighter shades are more suitable for sunny climate.

Many homeowners even prefer hiring exterior painting services to effectuate their exterior painting project without putting any extra time and effort. Based on their experience in painting a wide variety of establishments, the consultants deployed by the exterior painting service provider will help you in deciding the quality and quantity of paint required to cover your home exterior.