Sunday, December 8, 2013

Exploring Different Types of Screen Porches

Different Types of Screen Porches
The right screen porch can make a huge difference to your property. You can consider building a screen porch as a functional addition to your outdoor living space. In addition to providing your family with a warm and comfortable outdoor area to hang out during the spring and summer months, the screen porches are also effective in keeping mosquitoes, bugs and pests away. You also have options to build a screen porch from the scratch, or add screens to your existing porch structure. As you have several screen porch options, it is a good idea to understand some of these common options.

Evaluating Several Screen Porch Options

The staples screen porches are popular due to their simple and easy-to-install features. As the screen fabric sheets can be stapled or meshed over existing porch beams or structures, these can be installed without any hassle. After stapling the material using a staple gun, you have to use a scissor to trim off the sections that are larger than the porch being covered. However, you need to ensure that there is adequate material to secure the screen with staples. Also, you need to keep the material properly taut to prevent the chance of wrapping and deformation.

As the name indicates, the porch screens are designed of material that can be easily stretched over metal or wooden frames. Based on your existing porch structures, you can simply order custom-made frames featuring rubber splines at their edges. The grooved structure of these splines will help you in fitting the frame screens in several places snugly. Further, the splines will make it easier for you to maintain and clean the screens.

No Frame
The style of screen porches using frameless screen panels is considered to be more versatile. Some of these panels can be easily rolled up just like window shades. Further, these can be removed completely in a manner similar to removing framed screen sections. However, you have to use adhesive strips to stick the frameless panels to the porch beams.

Type of Screen Fabric
Similar to the screen porch panels or sections, you also have option to choose from a variety of screen fabrics according to the usage of the porch. For instance, many people opt for fiberglass screen due to its effectiveness in resisting creasing, denting and unraveling. Also, you have option to choose the heavy-duty fiberglass screen fabric designed specifically for patio, porch and pool applications.

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